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Latex Care
How to care for your latex clothing and toys

Latex care instructions are available upon request. We also send latex care instructions and warnings in each order we fill. If you have questions about care of your latex items please refer to those documents or contact us.

  • All Latex CLOTHING & TOYS are talced for shipment and storage, to protect the latex. Please wash thoroughly before use! A small amount of Talc and glue may be present in the seams of the garment after washing. This is normal and can be removed with a good silicone shiner and vigorous rubbing with the finger tips.

  •  ALWAYS store your toy or garment out of sunlight, and preferably in the dark. Heat or cold may damage latex, and UV light will cause it to oxidize. · To wash your garment, use lukewarm soapy water or plain water and rinse thoroughly! Hang up to dry, then, turn inside out after a short period.

  • BEFORE attempting to put the garment on, be sure that your body and the inside of the garment is heavily talced or lubed. Slide it on gently, taking care that fingernails, rings, etc., do not snag the material. Pulling hard with your fingertips will leave permanent dimples or tear the garment.

  • After the toy or garment is thoroughly dry, it can be MADE TO SHINE by applying a "medical grade" silicone lube or spray SPARINGLY. Slick, Black Beauty, Cult, Wet, EROS, Vivishine.

  • With latex CLOTHES & TOYS, NEVER use OIL-based lubes as they will do permanent damage! ONLY use silicone-based or water-based lubricants.

  • With latex GARMENTS, keep them away from ANY oil-based products - body lotions or oils, hair gel, body glitter, makeup, hairspray, perfume - WILL all do permanent damage.

  • After use, clean the item as soon as possible. REMEMBER that human skin has oils that can break down latex if not removed promptly.